The Aventure Attitude

At Aventure, we're a little different from the average investment organisation.

Our approach is based on:

  • keeping it simple
  • telling it the way it really is
  • action - making it happen

Return on investment is important to us - but it's not the only reason we take on projects. More important is that we get involved in projects that interest us , that we identify with, and that challenge us.

We believe that business should be fun, and that if you are investing most of your waking hours in a business, that it must interest and captivate you. That's why we love working with business owners who have a real commitment to their business, and love what they do.


Aventure partners with small and medium businesses where we can offer funding, plus business development experience and guidance.

We have a special interest in green and sustainable business, and extensive experience in the food industry, plus import and distribution.

Our approach is extremely flexible, and currently incorporates a mix of loan finance, minority equity positions and management guidance.

Every business is different and requires a different solution. Our experience has given us the ability to think laterally and come up with innovative solutions which meet practical business needs.

Aventure’s involvement in any project is ultimately dependent on an assessment that

  1. The project is interesting to us. If we don’t feel a connection to the business we won’t get involved.
  2. We can add something positive. If we don’t believe we are able to make a positive contribution then we won’t get involved.
  3. The project has a future. If we don’t believe the business is viable, then we will say so.

Funding / Investment

Aventure offers funding for small and medium enterprises. This can be tailored in a variety of ways, and typically the package is worked out in consultation with the business owner. It can be straight loan finance, equity (investment in the business by way of a shareholding), or a mixture.


Although Aventure is based in New Zealand, our experience is international, and has included involvement in projects in the USA and China.


Aventure provides consultancy services, specialising in turnarounds , food industry, and import/distribution businesses. Our principals have extensive international experience.

The team at Aventure have developed extensive skills in the turnaround of failing businesses.

Our usual involvement in the turnaround of businesses includes

  • Analysis of strengths, weaknesses and potential future options
  • Potential equity stake and/or success fee based on results
  • Contribution of working capital
  • Negotiations with banks and principal suppliers
  • Full involvement with staff, processes and formulation of business plans

Our past success in rescuing businesses is evidence of our turnaround skills.